How to assembly your party hats

Just follow these easy 4-step instructions and you're ready to party! 

We ship our party hats flat to keep shipping costs low and ensure that your order arrives in excellent condition.

Flat party hat

To assemble the party hat, you just need to insert the tab through the slot following these steps: 

Step 1. Fold the upper part of the tab back. 

Party hat tab assemble

Step 2. Roll the hat into a cone shape and slide the bottom part of the tab through the slot first.

Step 3. With the top part of the tab folded completely back, slide the rest of the tab through the slot.

Step 4. Fold the top part of the tab to it's original position to help hold the hat in place. 

Party hat assembled

That's it! Your party hat is now ready to wear. Hey, it looks great on you! 

Bonus Step 5. Tell all your friends that they can find lots of good-looking party hats for adults at!